kidney Transplantation

Transplantation is the act of transferring cells, tissues, or organs from one site to another. The malfunction of an organ system can be corrected with transplantation of an organ example: kidney from a donor. Since the first successful Renal transplantation (RT) performed between the identical twins in the Peter Brent Brigham Hospital, Boston on 23rd December 1954 by Murray et al., RT has become a routine for the patients with end-stage renal disease. When a kidney is transplanted from a Non-identical individual, the allograft; the recipient mounts a Immuneresponse termed as an immune response. The immune response is initiated by the T cell recognition of the alloantigen and process is commonly known as the allorecognition. The first step of the complex events that leads to T lymphocyte activation, antibody production, allograft rejection and Transplant failure. This review highlights the fundamental principles of Transplant immunology and modern immunological assay techniques, which have important application in practice.

Understanding of the immunology related advances in the techniques of detection and characterisation of antibodies before and after renal transplantation and the cross match techniques have significantly improved the outcomes of renal transplantation over last two decades. Approval was based on two randomized studies involving 1,093 patients with organ rejection in kidney transplant recipients. Currently, 1-year graft survival rates after renal transplantation are exceeding 90%. However, the life-long administration of Immunosuppressive drugs is accompanied by many side effects. These renal failure events findings may contribute to the development of in vitro monitoring tools to identify transplant patients in whom immunosuppressant can be safely reduced in order to avoid long term side effects.

  • Past, present and future of transplantation
  • Early experiments
  • Pre transplantation
  • Transplant surgery
  • Post transplantation
  • Immunosuppression
  • Stem cell transplantation
  • The perfect match

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