Peritoneal Dialysis

Peritoneal dialysis is the renal replacement therapy used to filter out waste products and purifies blood. Peritoneal dialysis needs a surgical incision at the bottom of the abdomen. Peritoneal dialysis uses the membrane of peritoneum to filter blood instead of man-made membrane or machine. As the peritoneum contains numerous blood vessels like kidney so it mimics the function of kidneys.  Peritoneal dialysis need to be done more frequently then hemodialysis.  Peritoneal dialysis need a solution called dialysate used to carry out the dialysis process.

  • Abdominal hernias in continuous peritoneal dialysis
  • Bloody peritoneal dialysate (hemoperitoneum)
  • Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD)
  • Continuous cycling peritoneal dialysis (CCPD)
  • Evaluation of hypervolemia in peritoneal dialysis patients
  • Mechanisms of solute clearance and ultrafiltration in peritoneal dialysis
  • Microbiology and therapy of peritonitis in continuous peritoneal dialysis
  • Modalities for the diagnosis of abdominal and thoracic cavity defects in peritoneal dialysis patients
  • Noninfectious complications of continuous peritoneal dialysis
  • Noninfectious complications of peritoneal dialysis catheters
  • Pathophysiology and prevention of peritonitis in peritoneal dialysis
  • Peritoneal dialysis solutions
  • Peritoneal equilibration test
  • Placement and maintenance of the peritoneal dialysis catheter
  • Prescribing and assessing adequate peritoneal dialysis
  • Problems with solute clearance and ultrafiltration in continuous peritoneal dialysis
  • Rapid transporters on maintenance peritoneal dialysis
  • Tunnel and peritoneal catheter exit site infections in continuous peritoneal dialysis
  • Urgent-start peritoneal dialysis
  • Use of peritoneal dialysis for the treatment of acute kidney injury in adults

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