Hemodialysis is a process used to filter and purify the blood with a mam made membrane called dialyzer. It is one of the most widely used renal replacement therapy.  In this process an artificial kidney (hemodialyzers) used to filter salts and waste products from the blood. Hemodialysis will be done in three to five hours and three times per week is sufficient. However hemodialysis treatment will be available more frequent and shorter sessions. 

  • Water purification systems in hemodialysis
  • Ultrapure dialysis fluid
  • Serum enzymes in patients with renal failure
  • Reuse of dialyzers
  • Reactions to the hemodialysis membrane
  • Psychiatric illness in dialysis patients
  • Plasmapheresis with hemodialysis equipment
  • Overview of the hemodialysis apparatus
  • Maintaining water quality for hemodialysis
  • Hemodialysis in the older adult
  • Contaminants in water used for hemodialysis
  • Complications of hemodialysis in the older patient
  • Clinical consequences of hemodialysis membrane biocompatibility
  • Biochemical mechanisms involved in blood-hemodialysis membrane interactions

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